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What is the Salary for Acting Career

Quite often people have asked me, “How much can you really make as an actor or commercial model,” and it’s always a very difficult answer to give. It’s kind of like, if someone asked me if I want to open up a garage and become a mechanic, how much money can I make? Well, there […]

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Avoiding Depression When Losing an Acting Job

As I’m sure many of you know, there are lots of ups and downs in this industry. What I want to share with you today is how to best deal with a cancellation or a job. I was cast as the CEO of the hospital, Doctor Steven Leopold, on the NBC show Do No Harm. […]

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5 Things a Parent Can Do to Ruin Their Childs Acting or Modeling Career

5 Things a Parent Can Do to Ruin Their Child’s Acting or Modeling Career

All parents want to do everything they can to help their child have the success they desire. It is so important that when a parent is offering to help their child in the acting and modeling industry, they must first ask this question and answer it honestly. “Is my child really interested in pursuing acting […]

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