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Additional Dialogue Replacement for TV Show

You might or might not have heard of the term ADR, but you should. Basically, ADR means Additional Dialogue Replacement and I have had to do this a couple of times, and there’s a possibility I might be brought into the studio to do it again soon. Basically, what happened was I was working on […]

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Things to Think about at the Audition

This is a Vlog about apologizing to another actor. I was at an audition recently for a TV commercial and I had to make a phone call at 3 o’clock that same day. My audition time was at 2 and knew that I would be out of there in plenty of time to make the […]

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What is it like to be an Actor in a Feature Film

Well this is kind of a little bit of background into the day in the life of an actor. I did a workshop, a really fun workshop in the Philadelphia area on Sunday and late Sunday evening I was being flown down to Atlanta to work on a feature film. I had my script, everything […]

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