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Hair, Makeup and Wardrobe in Preparation of Working with a Film Director

This is the third video that I’m creating. Talking about an experience I had very recently about getting booked for an NBC television series. For this segment, what I want to share with you, it’s actually…it was a very interesting experience. So, I audition. I got a phone call from my agents asking if I […]

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How to Model for a Photographer

This is based on an experience that I just had last week in New York where I was attending a Go-See. All of the models were asked to show a look that was very unclear as to what they were really looking for. The photographer’s assistant asked us to “show a smirk.” I wasn’t really […]

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Dress the Part for Casting Calls and Acting Auditions

I have mentioned in last week’s video that sometimes you’ve got to really think very carefully about what to wear for an audition, and there are a couple of different philosophies about what should be worn. Some philosophies kind of go like this, look, it doesn’t make any difference what you wear, they’re looking at […]

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