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How to Not Get Nervous

You will learn a great way to handle nervousness. This process will completely change your acting and modelling career. What you will also find is that this approach is universal and is something that holds true with any kind of job in life. It will work if you are an actor, model, sales person, or […]

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Share Acting and Modeling Information

The acting and modeling industry is a very much me oriented kind of job. Everything is about you. You’re the person that’s being photographed, you’re the person that’s on camera, you’re the person that’s doing the radio commercials and sometimes it’s very easy to only think about ourselves. And that’s why I think it’s really […]

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Tips for How to Make a Kid’s Acting Resume

I just got off the phone with somebody who took one of my workshops. She and her two kids moved from the East Coast to Los Angeles, so her kids could try to break into the L.A. market. They are having some real success which is always so nice to see. One of the topics […]

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