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What is it like to be an Actor in a Feature Film

Well this is kind of a little bit of background into the day in the life of an actor. I did a workshop, a really fun workshop in the Philadelphia area on Sunday and late Sunday evening I was being flown down to Atlanta to work on a feature film. I had my script, everything […]

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Your Agent Can’t Get You Booked

I recently had an audition for a film. There were tons of people auditioning for this project. On a side note, it is always amazing to me how many people can talk to other actors right up to the time of their audition and then go in and read. I always separate myself, and find […]

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Share Acting and Modeling Information

The acting and modeling industry is a very much me oriented kind of job. Everything is about you. You’re the person that’s being photographed, you’re the person that’s on camera, you’re the person that’s doing the radio commercials and sometimes it’s very easy to only think about ourselves. And that’s why I think it’s really […]

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