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Should You Manage Your Childs Career

Should You Manage Your Child’s Career

I have heard this question a thousand times. “Can I be my child’s manager?” Well, technically, sure you could manage the career of your son or daughter’s acting career. But a better question would be, can you be a better manager and be more helpful to your child than an established manager who works with […]

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How to Memorize Scripts or Lines

Hi, my name is Aaron Marcus. I’m a full-time Actor and Commercial Model. I’ve been making my living in this business since 1986. Founder of How To Model, as well as the author of How To Become A Successful Commercial Model, I also give workshops throughout the world – from Mexico to Australia and all […]

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Creating a Demo for a Voice Talent

One of the problems that people have who want to be a voice talent is the idea of, how can someone create a demo reel (actually an mp3) if they don’t have any experience, and how can one get experience without a demo reel? That is a real issue for many people. What a lot […]

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