Tag: Acting and Modeling Tips

Avoiding Depression When Losing an Acting Job

As I’m sure many of you know, there are lots of ups and downs in this industry. What I want to share with you today is how to best deal with a cancellation or a job. I was cast as the CEO of the hospital, Doctor Steven Leopold, on the NBC show Do No Harm. […]

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Why You Should Never Pose For the Camera

It is a funny thing. One of the most common phrases models will hear and talk about is how to pose for the camera. There are these images of models having their hair blown back with a fan, being told how great they are, and how to properly pose for the shot. The reality is […]

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How Extra Work Can Get You a Principal Role

I know there are some actors who won’t do extra work and I completely understand that. But, I did want to share with you a way that extra work can actually get you a principal role on a project. There is a television series that’s being shot right now, and I’ve gotten cast as an […]

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