Tag: Acting and Modeling Tips

What are Audition Script Sides

One of the things that’s really important for people to know in the industry is the terminology. Something that you might or might not be familiar with is called “the sides.” When you go to a film or a TV audition, you will get sides. Sometimes you can get them prior to the audition, and […]

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What Traits does it take to be Successful in Acting

As you can see I’m not quite as dressed up as I normally am, I’m not really shaven, it’s not like I’ve taken a couple of days off in any way, I just haven’t had to be seen by humans for a couple of days. As you all know, I’ve been travelling so much for […]

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Avoiding Depression When Losing an Acting Job

As I’m sure many of you know, there are lots of ups and downs in this industry. What I want to share with you today is how to best deal with a cancellation or a job. I was cast as the CEO of the hospital, Doctor Steven Leopold, on the NBC show Do No Harm. […]

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