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Modeling Audition called the Go-See Explained

I want to share with you an experience I just recently had at a go-see in New York, and this is something you never want to do at a go-see. Just so you know exactly what that means, a go-see is the audition for models and it’s kind of silly but basically, it means you […]

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Do not be Late for an Audition or Go-See

One of the real benefits of being a full – time actor and a commercial model is that I get a chance to experience and share my experiences with you on a very regular basis. And I had a really interesting one, pretty recently. And, this one deals with being late. This holds true for […]

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How to Model for a Photographer

This is based on an experience that I just had last week in New York where I was attending a Go-See. All of the models were asked to show a look that was very unclear as to what they were really looking for. The photographer’s assistant asked us to “show a smirk.” I wasn’t really […]

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