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Acting Auditions

Dress the Part for Casting Calls and Acting Auditions

I have mentioned in last week’s video that sometimes you’ve got to really think very carefully about what to wear for an audition, and there are a couple of different philosophies about what should be worn. Some philosophies kind of go like this, look, it doesn’t make any difference what you wear, they’re looking at […]

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Can You Shoot your Auditions from Home?

Many people have asked me if they would be able to record an audition from their home and email it to casting directors.

The answer is yes and no.

There are some exceptions to the rule, but generally, if you wantto audition for film, TV and especially TV commercials in NY or L.A., you have to audition in person. The one area where you could audition for projects in major markets from home, is if you either have a strong connection with the casting director or if the part is being cast nationwide.

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How Casting Directors work with Agents and Actors to do Auditions

Normally, people will say, “It’s an audition, I’ll be happy when I book the job,” but let me tell you, you should be incredibly excited when you get the audition and here the reason why. There is an agent that I work with in North Carolina and I had an audition for a feature in […]

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