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Acting Career

How to Make Acting and Modeling Business Cards

Many times when actors are thinking about the materials they need in order to get work they only think of a head shot. Models on the other hand, always are thinking about a composite sheet as the only product they need to produce. Actors also use acting reels, and voice over talent create voice over […]

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Hair, Makeup and Wardrobe in Preparation of Working with a Film Director

This is the third video that I’m creating. Talking about an experience I had very recently about getting booked for an NBC television series. For this segment, what I want to share with you, it’s actually…it was a very interesting experience. So, I audition. I got a phone call from my agents asking if I […]

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Acting Tips to Know When Getting Ready to Go on Set

I told you recently about an independent film that I was cast in, and so, I just wanted to share a couple of quick experiences about it with you that I think you’ll find really helpful and hopefully interesting as well. So the first part that was pretty interesting was we shot it on Sunday […]

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