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Travel for Acting and Modeling Work

Many years ago, I decided that I did not want to live in Manhattan. I wanted to work there, just didn’t want to live there. I thought it could really be a great place to work, but I didn’t want to raise a family there. I wanted to live in a smaller environment, have a […]

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Audition Tip for TV Shows and Commercials

I’m going to be creating a series of blog videos, where I’m going to be sharing information with you about an audition I had, rehearsals, the booking, and the shooting of an NBC TV Series that I got. So this first…the first video that I’m putting together is you never know what could happen and […]

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How To Get the Right Acting Role with the Right Headshot

It’s really important to know when is the right time to put together a new headshot. And actually, there are a few factors involved. Number one, if you are beginning to change, you are just at the very beginning stages of looking a little bit different. Without a doubt, you need a new headshot. Number […]

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