How to Become a Plus Size Model

Quite often I have heard women say that since they are a little overweight, they want to become a plus size model. Now, we are seeing plus size models on TV commercials, in lots of magazine ads, and even sometimes on the runway. What many people don’t understand about plus size modeling is that just because someone is large; it does not mean that they can necessarily get work as a plus size model.

Just so you know a little about the beginning of the plus size industry, Lane Bryant did a lot of work with creating fashionable clothing for larger woman many years ago.

Over the years, people have gotten bigger in the U.S.  So, companies have come to understand that there are lots of larger woman wanting to purchase beautiful and complementary clothing.  In today’s market, there is more and more money being spent and made in the plus size industry.

Before you even think of contacting an agent who represents plus size models, you should have a clear understanding of what it takes to physically even be considered to work as a plus size model.

Sometimes people have said that plus size models need to weigh a specific amount, but that is not really true. It is really more about the model’s proportions.  Just because a plus size model is larger than thin fashion models, their skin has to be great, no cellulite or flabby skin showing, and their legs have to be really nicely shaped.

Dress Size

There is a wide variety of dress sizes that a plus size model needs to fit into. Every agency and designer will have their own statistics, but generally they wear between a 12-16 dress size.


Normally, the models are at least 5’9 and taller.


There is not a specific age for plus size models in the United States, but they are generally getting started somewhere between the ages of 17-25.


There is no exact number for this, but typically the measurements of the models will be 40/30/40
The hip and the bust is generally within 1 inch of each other. And, you really want the waist to be at least 10 inches less than the hip.

Finding an Agent

Not all agents represent plus size models. However you will be able to find agencies throughout the
world who do work with plus size models. Agencies can be found in many countries such as: Canada, Brazil, Turkey, England, South Africa, Ireland and many other places.

In the United States, some of more well-known agencies are Wilhelmina, Ford and Click.

So, just being big does not make you a candidate for being a plus size model. They are very toned, beautiful and well proportioned.


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