How To Work With a Talent Agency

Many people ask me about, “What do you do if you submit yourself to an agent and they reject you, what’s the next step?” So here are a couple things to keep in mind. Make sure they really are rejecting you. Make sure that they really don’t want to work with you.

It’s possible that you’ve submitted yourself, haven’t heard back from them and you’re just assuming that they aren’t interested in working with you. But, that might not be the case. Maybe your email submission, or the headshot and resume that was sent through the U.S. mail got lost.

Maybe your email was accidentally deleted. Maybe you sent it to the wrong address and it didn’t bounce back. Maybe you sent a hard copy; and they haven’t looked at it yet. Maybe it got sent to the wrong or old address.

So here’s one thing that I would definitely do when you are submitting, especially with a hard copy. Just type up a letter or print a postcard, and place it in a pre- stamped return envelope that has your return address on it.

Have, let’s say: yes, I’ve received your package (and there can be a check mark box) – “We are not interested in working with you at this time.” or “Yes, we are interested in talking with you further. Contact us as soon as possible.”

And hopefully, they will at least put the postcard in the mail or put the envelope in the mail after they checked off that information. And then, you’ll know, if they received your submission. You will also know they interested or not. I’ve always found that to be much more helpful than the unknown, (and) just wondering what’s going on.

So let’s just say that you did received some information stating that they are not interested in working with you. You’ve got to understand that it’s not any kind of personal statement about you, and also it has no meaning at all as to what you might be able to do in this industry.

For whatever reason, this one particular agent, or two, or three agents – are not interested in working with you. Maybe they’re already working with somebody in your category and they don’t want to bring somebody else on. Maybe they don’t do the kinds of things that would be best for you.

Maybe it’s a large agency and they work only with very, very experienced people and you’re not at that stage yet. There are so many reasons why somebody would be interested in working with you or not interested in working with you. So the key thing is if you really want to pursue the industry, don’t give up just because an agent, or a couple of agents say no. So what? I’ve done…I’m getting close to 1,200 jobs. I’m on the 1,800 job range right now. And I’ve got, I think, a great headshot, got a very strong composite sheet and I sent it to a smaller agency in New England. Honestly, I was shocked, but they said they weren’t interested in working with me at this time, (and) they already have people on my category now.

I did go to their website and there are people that are somewhat in my type, (or) that are my type, my age category ,but I bring some very interesting things to the table that very few people do, and I’m not trying to boast or anything, I have had a lot of experience and I’m really good at what I do. I get rehired a lot after jobs so I was really surprised by their response. Didn’t want to fight, didn’t want to write back and say “well, it’s your loss.” You simply take it, you move on and you find somebody else, that’s all.

And the crazy thing is there are times you are going to find that somebody might say no to you today and in one month, two months, three months from now, all of a sudden they want you. Well, that can happen for a lot of reasons. Maybe the person who said no to you today left the agency and they moved on to some other place – another agency – and now the new agent there wants to have you immediately. So just because somebody says no for right now, maybe in two or three months you can always submit to them again.

So the key thing is don’t let it get you down. I’m not saying that you might want to go to a party because you got rejected from an agent, but it’s like anything else in this world. No isn’t necessarily a “no” for life. And if it doesn’t work out there, you will find somebody else to represent you. Someone who will be able to utilize your skills, make money with you and someone you will enjoy working with.


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