Modeling Audition called the Go-See Explained

I want to share with you an experience I just recently had at a go-see in New York, and this is something you never want to do at a go-see. Just so you know exactly what that means, a go-see is the audition for models and it’s kind of silly but basically, it means you go to a photographer studio or a casting facility and you’re seen – so that is why they call it a go-see.

When you arrive at a go-see, one of the first things you’re going to be doing is signing in.

You will put your name down on a piece of paper and that’s how they know who to call in next. Sometimes you will be given a number especially if it’s a large casting.

So what I always do is when I first walk in and typically I’m not quite ready yet, I will wait a few minutes, I will make sure that I look right. I’ll check my hair and all that kind of stuff and I once I fell I’m ready, then I sign in.

Because once you sign in, they can call you and you’ve got to be ready to be photographed.

And so at this go-see, and it was a long day they were seeing people from 10 ’til 5, there was a woman who had come in, apparently, she signed in and she was just working on her hair, and putting on a lipstick and make-up, and they called her number.

And she said, “Well, I’m still putting on my lipstick.” And I looked at the casting person, who looked very annoyed because they were seeing a lot of people that day, and she said, “Ma’am, we need you right now.” and she said, “Well, just a minute. I’ve got to finish my hair.”

This is going on for like a minute, a little bit longer than a minute and I’m looking at this casting director and she was very angry and it just became very clear to me that there’s probably no chance this woman’s ever going to get cast for this thing. So a little trick, don’t sign in until you’re ready to be photographed and that way when they call you, you’ll be ready.


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  • Eduardo A

    At a go-see we just want to see your book and how you look in person. You’re not there for a photo session. For TV commercials castings your asked to say your lines while being video taped.

    • Aaron Marcus

      Eduardo, I believe it depends on the type of casting that is happening. If they need
      to cast a model who can show stomach pains because the ad is for a pharmaceutical company, then the photographer will not just look at the models book and take a smiling photo. They will ask the model to show the type of look that will be needed in the ad.

    • Aaron Marcus

      Eduardo, I created a specific technique that I teach and use
      at almost every go-see or print booking I am working on.
      It actually involves saying a key word to help bring the right
      emotion that is needed for the project.

      I view all commercial modeling jobs as acting jobs, without lines.

      Take care.
      Aaron Marcus

  • I can attest to the fact that you don’t want to sign in until you are ready to go as they can call you in the moment your name is on the sheet …however, key to remember as an actor or a model is that no audition or look-see is the same. Each audition is unique depending on what the client is looking for. Also, each casting director works in their own individual manner that they find “works” for them and/or what their client has asked for them for that particular audition. So, the only thing the actor/model can do is be prepared and ready in their look and mindset when they sign in on the sheet and be ready to go!

    • Aaron Marcus

      I agree with you 100%. It is always helpful to ask the agent a number of
      questions prior to the audition or go-see. That will give you more
      information to help best prepare for the potential job.

      You are also right about every casting is unique.
      The last time I auditioned for 30 Rock, I did not even
      have to slate.
      Aaron Marcus

    • Aaron Marcus

      Rosalie, thanks for the great information.
      Have you worked on any acting or modeling
      projects recently?
      Aaron Marcus

  • Donald Adiska

    Thanks for the tips!

    • Aaron Marcus

      Thanks for the kind words Donald.
      Are you involved in the acting or
      modeling industry?
      Aaron Marcus