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How I Negotiated With My Agent

Many people will tell you that you should only pay an agent after you book a job. I have heard by others that if you pay at any other time, the agency is running a scam, and is not a legit agent. That can be the case, but it is not always accurate. One situation where you could actually pay an agent a fee without it being connected to a job is if you are requested to have your head shot, voice over or acting reel on the agent’s web site, or the site that is run by another company. That would be a time where you are paying a fee to an agent without it being connected to a booking.

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Make a Living Doing Extra Work

People are always talking about ‘Should actors do extra work? Should they not do extra work?’ And that is partially a personal question, and actually it can be a business type of question as well. I can tell you that if you’re living in the Los Angeles area, most of the agents that I know […]

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How to Get Copies of your Work for Your Portfolio and Acting Reel

One of the questions that seems to come up a lot for me in my workshops, whether they are private online coaching sessions or in person workshops are people asking, “How can I get copies of my work?” Let me tell you, I do spend a lot of time discussing this in my workshops but, […]

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