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How to Audition for a Casting Director from Home

I’ve been finding that there are more casting directors who are open to allowing actors to shoot auditions from their home and email it for a casting. Now, it is true, in the larger markets, it’s rare for that to be able to take place but in other areas sometimes you can. So it’s important […]

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How Much Does it Cost to Get Started as a Commercial Model

How Much Does it Cost to Get Started as a Commercial Model?

The very first step in becoming a model (and I know this might sound a little strange), but is to first create an acting head shot. I understand that people will ask, if I am interested in modeling, why would I create a head shot. There are two reasons for doing this first. 1. Creating […]

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How to Make Acting and Modeling Business Cards

Many times when actors are thinking about the materials they need in order to get work they only think of a head shot. Models on the other hand, always are thinking about a composite sheet as the only product they need to produce. Actors also use acting reels, and voice over talent create voice over […]

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