The Bright Side of Not Booking the Acting Audition

So the heading for this particular video blog is “Why I’m Happy Even After Not Getting the Booking From an Audition”.

Normally, people want to book the job and, of course, I wanted to book this job as well. But I was very happy even though I knew I wasn’t going to.

So let me tell you what happened. I went to New York to audition for a television show. I had gotten the sides the night before,(the sides are the portion of the script was going to read during the audition).

And so when I walked into the casting office, the first thing I always do is make sure that what I have are the most updated sides. Every once in a while things do change, not normally they are the same text from what I received from the agent.

And boy, I’m glad that I did check that out because when I went into the audition I picked up the sides and noticed that they were completely different than what I had received the night before. When I was sitting with the casting director; she asked, “if I had any questions?” and I said, “Yes, the sides that I was got at the casting office was different than the sides I received from my agent.”

I had no idea which one to read, so I worked on them both. I showed her the one that I had gotten the night before and she said, “Oh, that’s from an old show”.

It just so happen that it was the same character name, first name but it was a different show.

So it wasn’t a great start. The other thing was the character, it seem like it should have been in his mid 60s.

I saw some of the other actors who were auditioning for this particular role and they looked like they were in their mid-60s and I’m not even come close to that.

So basically, I knew very quickly that this role wasn’t going to be for me. Because they’re also casting a wife for this character and she was also going to be in her 60s there is no way they could easily just change the age for this character.

So the reason why I was still really happy was because (1) the casting director was so nice, they were so welcoming, friendly, warm, (and) answered all of my questions. They were really great!

The audition itself was such a great experience and to have the opportunity to read for a casting director who has cast many well-known movies and television series was just wonderful.

The other thing, too, was I liked my read. Even though I know I’m not going to get it, still it gave me the chance to be seen, and do a good read with someone who hopefully will consider me for other roles in future projects.

There is no better way to introduce yourself to a casting director then to have a good audition with him/her. Normally, you would think – why would they call me in? I mean, they know what I look like, they saw my headshot, they specifically ask for me.

Well the reason is sometimes they do have you read for parts that you’re not necessarily going to be auditioning for, but they just want to see you audition. It can be kind of funny that way, so in either case, it was a great connection. First time I ever met them. I thought it went really well.

And no, I’m not going to get this role and I’m still very happy with it.

If you have any experiences with things changing on you during an audition, please send it my way.