The Secret to Getting a Fitness Modeling Job

Fitness models can be seen in many different types of ads. They are cast for certain types of clothing lines, exercise equipment, health clubs and gym’s, vitamins, health care products, vacation and in many other types of ads.  As you can imagine, fitness models needed to be in great shape.

Recently there was a huge casting for a number of fitness models. They were needing people whose ages ranged from late teens to people in their late 60’s.

A number of people who had taken my workshops over the years asked me if they could email me some of the shots prior to sending them to the casting director. They wanted to get my opinion to see if the shots represented and sold themselves well.

It was very interesting. Everyone who sent me their jpg’s had amazing bodies. They were all very toned, had well defined muscles (but not too large) and very flat stomachs. You could tell these people spent a lot of time taking great care of their bodies.

Some of the photos showed them stretching, holding a weight in their hand, running, and all of the types of poses that you would think of for fitness modeling. Here is the one shot that none of them had which I believe in some ways is the most important photo that can get them the booking.

None of those photos that were sent to me showed a really clear shot of their face. Most of the shots had their faces only seen in profile.  And, in some of the shots, people were so concerned with showing their body, that their face was really too small to be seen. It is so important that not only does one need to have the right body type, but they also need the right look as well.

So, I suggested that they have a photo that still shows them in a workout mode, but tight enough so that their faces are very clearly seen by the casting director. At least have one or maybe two photos that allow people to see their face.

The other issue that I did see is that some of the men had a tendency to bulk up so much that they looked like The Hulk. As I mentioned earlier, fitness models want to have muscle definition, but nothing over exaggerated.

So, if you are really interested in getting fitness modeling work, keep yourself in great shape, and make sure people can see all of you, including you face when presenting yourself to casting directors and agents.


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